what does it mean to be a woman? what does it mean to be a woman in America? how do we create an alternative geography that follows the existing map but develops from a logic other than the dominant logic of the nation state?

In the american / woman project, I am traveling around the country to collaborate with a woman dance artist in each state. My mission: to create a solo for each artist based on her interests and personal history.

In 2020, my plan was to work with seven artists based in the South. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  plane tickets were cancelled and several planned collaborations were put on hold until safe to resume in-person. As of Fall 2021, I am finally able to begin in-person collaborations with artists Jennifer Deckert (South Carolina) and Ann Glaviano (Louisiana).


20180323_dance_0745-copy-1I don’t think I’m gonna have kids. I don’t think I want them, and I feel really weird about the fact that I don’t want them. And so I feel like… wow, I’ve got this capacity that I reject…. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I think I’m waiting for permission to feel okay about not wanting kids, but I don’t have it yet… and being like, “maybe I’m gonna change my mind- something’s gonna happen and I’m gonna change my mind.” But I turned 38 and am very single. And if I wanted to have a kid on my own, I would. If just don’t think I want kids, and it seems really odd. I’m close with my family, I like kids. I actually think it’s that I already do labor that is unvalued and un-compensated and invisible in a lot of ways because I’m a fucking artist, and I don’t need TWO of those.

What are some words that you would use to describe yourself as an artist?

A: Funny….. Can I compliment myself? Is that allowed? 


373A8159What are some words that describe how you see yourself as a woman?

J: I am a very loyal friend. I am committed. Silly. Confident. Sometimes shy…that sounds like a contradiction, but that’s okay. Sexy, some days. Nurturing. Too hard on myself.

What are some aspects of being a woman that you treasure?

I really treasure a woman’s connection to the earth, if that makes sense. It’s the kind of nurturing component of being a woman that very much connects me to the world and the people around me. I value the ability to carry my emotions freely. That’s something that men not have the same freedom with. I value the compassionate nature that often comes with being a woman and being able to see things from a variety of perspectives.