what does it mean to be a woman? what does it mean to be a woman in America? how do we create an alternative geography that follows the existing map but develops from a logic other than the dominant logic of the nation state?

In the american / woman project, I am traveling around the country to collaborate with a woman dance artist in each state. My mission: to create a solo for each artist based on her interests and personal history.

In 2020, my plan was to work with seven artists based in the South. As you might imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on this plan. Plane tickets have been cancelled and several planned collaborations have been put on hold until it is safe to resume in-person.

Some of these collaborations will begin this fall virtually. Rehearsal footage, notes, interview transcripts, and other artifacts from the collaborative processes will be shared below as they emerge:


K: I have questions about what femininity means to me, right now. What feeling sexy being in my body feels like, what feeling attractive means. I think I’ve always had those questions. I think a lot of people in dance are often people that have those questions as well. Right now I feel really appreciative of my body and this age. My skin is getting weird. It’s changing. Things are dripping… lower. Things are doing their own thing that they’ve never done, and I don’t feel sad about it at all. I just feel like a glacier, or a tree, or something…. something that’s been here for a long time kind of gently unfolding itself.